“A delicatedly handled voice, whose touching timbre is vulnerable in itself.”

A delicately handled voice, whose touching timbre is vulnerable in itself.”

Laura Corallini was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The daughter of a Tango composer, she was surrounded by music, musicians, studios and recordings since early childhood, taking part in many musical and performative productions from the age of 9. Owner of a distinctive voice, both warm and powerful in a subtle way, her effortless intonation and rhythmic easiness blend naturally with musicians from the most diverse musical origins. In Argentina, she took vocal and music lessons and workshops with Nora Malatesta, Nora Faimann, Verónica Condomí, Magdalena León, Lito Valle, among others.
Not only music, but dance, drama and clown where all part of her path (Viviana Iasparra, Brenda Angiel, Julieta Carrera, Hugo Midón, among others). Between 2006 and 2009 she was part of the theatrical-vocal group LoCoral, performing in renowned theatres in Argentina.

In 2011 she recorded her first CD with Argentinian guitarist Sergio Zabala, for which she picked selected pieces from the Brazilian repertory she had been performing and working on,  including pieces from Chico Buarque, Pixinguinha and some modern compositions.

Looking for new perspectives, Laura moved to Berlin in the summer of 2011 and finally chose to stay in that city one year later. From that moment on, she experimented with musicians from diverse scenes, being often invited as a session singer and as a side musician in jazz, electronic, free improvised and latin american music projects (Rogerio Souza, Luis Borda, Agnes Heginger, Federico Diaz, Miguel Bareilles, Daniel Marques, Chris Tokunaga a.o.)

She took lessons and workshops with Agnes Heginger, Rhiannon, Achim Tang, Annete Goering. This new elements melted immediately with her approach to the latin american repertory she was starting to work on. As the years in Berlin went by, her need to set a repertory that kept her connected to her roots became stronger, at the same time that her new home infused her projects with a permanent new color where the modern element would live together with the traditional music of her motherland and beyong Argentina, Latin American music in general. The result of this creative process was recorded in Summer 2016 in Berlin, with Marcel Krömker (double bass, musical direction); Ludwig Hornung (piano, rhodes) and Tobias Backhaus(drums, percusion). The recording includes pieces from Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Silvio Rodriguez, Carlos Aguirre, and one composition with lyrics in spanish by Corallini and music by Marcel Krömker.

Laura Corallini´s voice freshens up her carefully chosen repertory, playing with intense rhythmic textures and rich harmonies. Through her voice, her presence and her charm she tells the very personal, touching musical history of her homeland, using her mother tongue Spanish, as well as Portuguese and fantasy language as vehicles for the poetry to manifest.

Laura won the first prize in Crest Vocal Jazz Competition, France, in 2016.