DOS bass&voice is the duo formed by Berlin based-Argentine singer Laura Corallini and German bass player Marcel Krömker. 


The two musicians started to work together in 2011 and DOS was born in 2012, when the singer´s need to set a repertory that kept her connected to her roots became stronger, at the same time that her new home infused her projects with a permanent new color, where the modern element would live together with the tradition. In this Duo, the two musicians trace a soundscape so unique that can rarely be found, where the various musical influences (Latin America + jazz + free improvised music) converge in a natural yet peculiar way. 


Corallini´s distinctive voice, both warm and powerful in a subtle way, flutters around Krömker´s instrument, which goes far beyond the bass notes letting his yearning for melodies go wild while playing contrapunctual lines, that turn out sometimes as a central motive of the piece. The Argentine lets herself be guided by and merges at times with the bass lines, as she starts to sing rhythmic patterns, clap or strike on her drum. 


The deep Latin American melancholy is broken up by the warmth of Corallini´s touching voice and Krömker´s playful bass. This Duo creates textures, pictures and atmospheres in the most magical way, as it invites the listener to step inside a musical journey through Argentina and beyond, offering a magnetic musical experience.

DOS won the First Prize of Crest Jazz Vocal (France) in 2016.


Laura Corallini: vocal, percussion, looper

Marcel Krömker: double bass

Laura Corallini Group

Through a repertory full of elegantly performed stories, the Argentine invites her fellow musicians Marcel Krömker (bass), Ludwig Hornung  (piano) and Tobías Backhaus (drums) to share her musical roots.

Skillfully, the three musicians trace for the Argentine singer a soundscape so unique that can rarely be found, where the various musical influences (most evidently jazz and latin american music;  experimental and classical music as well) converge in a natural yet peculiar way. 



Laura Corallini: vocals

Marcel Krömker: bass

Ludwig Hornung: piano

Tobías Backhaus: drums